Willie Muir’s Benefit Match

September 11, 1900
About 5,000 spectators last evening testified to the popularity of the Everton custodian, and in these days of league, when the public will have keen competition, it must be admitted that the attendance at the ‘’friendly” was eminently satisfactory. The beneficiary embarked upon the novel scheme of getting together local league players of Scotchmen and Englishmen and it may at once be stated that the experiment was a decided success.

The sides were very well balanced, as will be seen from the appended list of players, and the game if not tinged with the keenness which appears to have become essential to League football, was contested in a thoroughly sportsman like spirit and needless to state was greatly enjoyed. The Scotchmen were the successful in their efforts especially the forward lines, and Kitchen in the English goal, was afforded many opportunities of displaying his abilities.

In the early stages a severe pressure was maintained on his charge, which eventually fell to a clever header by Walker, but the lead was not maintained long, as a capital movement down the left wing culminated in Settle defeating Muir with a shot that was altogether out of his reach. Turner left the field before the interval when the teams crossed over with the score one goal each.

Immediately on resuming the Scotch forwards kept well employed by the halves were again busy, and a capital sprint and shot from Robertson placed them once again ahead of their opponents. Play proceeded on fairly-even lines, and towards the close Sharp was prominent in many efforts to get through, but met with no success and the score stood Scotchmen 2 goals Englishmen 1.

The sides were as follow:
Englishmen: George Kitchen, Billy Balmer, Smart Arridge, Sam Wolstenholmes, Herbert Dainty, Walter Abbott, Jack Sharp, Jimmy Settle, Jack Farrell, Charles Satterthwaite, Joe Turner.
Scotchmen: Willie Muir, Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, Tommy Allison, Alex Raisbeck, Wiliam Goldie, Jack Taylor, Andy McGuigan, John Proudfoot, John Walker, Tom Robertson.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 11, 1900)

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