Alf Ferrier transferred to Millwall Athletic

July 10, 1901
Millwall Athletic F.C. have begun to complete their establishment for next season, and though their team manager, Mr.Robert Hunter, who is presently in Montrose, have signed on Alf Ferrier, a Brechiner, who played through last term and part of the previous season with Liverpool. Ferrier is a centre-forward, and first came into prominence in the district when he left Brechin United and entered into senior football. As a member of Montrose two years ago he gained a capital reputation, but has improved since he crossed the Border, to such extent that, in view of his appearances throughout the year for Liverpool combination eleven, several Clubs, including Woolwich Arsenal, were on his track. The League transfer was a bit in the way, but Millwall, on the outlook for fresh blood, did notary in bagging him. Ferrier is only 20 years of age, stands 5 feet 11 ½ inches high, and is of robust physique. He has a fine turn of speed, and is a dangerous shot.
(Evening Telegraph: July 10, 1901)

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