Liverpool Reserves lose 2-7 at Everton

September 5, 1905
This interesting Combination fixture was decided on the Goodison Park enclosure last evening. Everton made two changes in the team which fared so disastrously at Accrington on Saturday, Scott replacing Kelly, in goal and Rankin supplanting Harry Cook at inside left; whilst Liverpool relied upon the team that defeated Manchester United. The ground was in splendid conditions, and beautiful weather prevailed. There was an excellent attendance at the start, numbering about 8,000 spectators.

Everton Reserves: William Scott; Percy Hill, John Hannah, Thomas Chadwick, Robert Wright, William Black, Alex Birnie, Willie McLaughlin, Frank Oliver, Bruce Rankin, Tommy Dilly.
Liverpool Reserves: Sam Hardy, Charlie Wilson, David Murray, Robinson, George Latham, James Hughes, Ellis Dudley, Robert Gilbertson, John Carlin, Joe Hewitt, James Garside.

The Visitors were successful in the toss, and Oliver set the ball in motion. The Evertonians immediately assumed the aggressive, their forwards showing excellent dash, and operations were taken near the Liverpool goal. Dilly ran to obtain possession, and Hardy left his charge to clear, but tripped, Dilly then passed to McLaughlin, who with an open goal in front of him, easily registered the first goal. Hardy, who had evidently been badly hurt, retired, and Wilson took his position between the uprights.

The game was resumed after a few minutes, and Liverpool, though handicapped by Hardy’s absence, did not resort to one back tactics. Garside and Hewitt got away on the left, making excellent progress, Scott, however, came out and put the ball out of danger.

Chadwick securing a fine passing bout ensued among the home halves, who then gave to their right wing, Bernie being conspicuous. The latter passed right over to Dilly, who called upon Wilson who effected a good save.

After this Liverpool commenced an incursion into their opponents territory. Dudley racing away and getting past Black and passing to Gilbertson, who succored the leather in an excellent position beating Scott with a fine effort, thus equalising.

The Blues made a determined effort to obtain the lead again, but Murray effected some good clearance, and Wilson safely encountered shots from Rankin and Oliver. Liverpool played up finely, and operations were again taken near Scott’s charge, but Hill relieved the pressure.

Hardy, who was greatly cheered appeared on the field, limping, and resumed his position in goal. After painfully limping out to secure the ball, throwing it over to Murray, he again left the field, Wilson once more going in goal.

A minute later Dilly sent in a long swift shot, which Wilson dealt with effectively. Murray conceded a corner, which was immediately followed by another. This was splendidly taken, Wright securing the ball, and striking the corner of the upright with great force. The ball rebounded into play and after an exciting scrimmage in the goalmouth Wilson threw the leather out to Latham.

Liverpool endeavoured to get away again, but another disaster overtook than Carlin tripping and having to retire. Reduced to nine the visitors were forced to adopt one back tactics. Notwithstanding their disadvantages, the Reds gave a good exhibition. They played four forwards, who acquitted themselves admirably.

Garside after a fine run endeavoured to centred to Gilbertson, Scott, running out, however, intercepted and averted the danger. The Liverpool citadel was again subjected to pressure, but Murray changed the venue with a fine clearance. Dudley and Gilbertson got away nicely, and succeeded in approaching the home goal, where during an exciting struggle Scott was floored just outside the penalty area.

The game continued to be spiritedly contested to the interval, which arrived with the score Everton 1 goal, Liverpool 1.

Liverpool resumed with only nine men. A foul against Everton gave the visitors an opportunity of approaching the home goal, but nothing accrued. The Blues got going again, and their forwards admirably supported by an excellent half-back line. Once more assumed the offensive, Bernie finishing a fine movement by netting the ball. Immediately afterwards McLaughlin further increased the home majority.

Liverpool despite their difficulties, and reverses struggled gamely. They were kept on the defensive for a time, but an opportunity eventually occurred, Garside and Latham getting away, Wright failed to stop the latter, who sent in a fine shot Scott just reaching it. A little later the Reds again had hard lines. An admirable effort by Garside was charged down, and after a scrimmage near the goal-line, the Everton custodian cleared. Everton now began to practically monopolise play, and Rankin was responsible for another goal.

Wilson was kept busy in saving from the home forwards, McLaughlin, Oliver and Bernie shooting well. He did verily well considering the weakness of the visiting defence. Oliver registered a fifth goal for the homesters, and Bernie a sixth.

The Blues efforts now relaxed considerably, and Hewitt succeeded in defeating Scott. This reverse had a stimulating effects on the Evertonians, who again began to press, and Oliver was responsible for the last goal of the match, which terminated – Everton 7, goals, Liverpool 2.
(Liverpool Courier: September 5, 1905)


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