Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (January 5 – 1907)

Saturday, January 5 – 1907
Liverpool’s Empty Christmas cupboard.
One cannot afford to say much about Liverpool. Perhaps ‘tis best, too. At Stoke the snow and ice king decreed football as non-permissible. Despite this unexpected day’s rest, the Livers came an ugly cropped at Bolton on Tuesday.

James Bradley was an absentee, James Hughes again deputising, but the most important change in the team was at outside left, John Cox partnering William Macpherson after an absence of nearly two months.

The Reds’ team had been sojourning at Southport for a fortnight previously, but the benefits accruing seem on the face of recent events, to have been of a doubtful character. Four matches played and not a goal. Whatever are the forwards thinking about?

It is quite evident Sam Raybould and Co. have got astray in their geography. At Bolton they were again all at sea, and it was to be earnestly desired the compass had been regulated prior to this afternoon’s match with Blackburn.

No-one can really cavil at the holiday work of the defence. But those forwards; nothing but nought, nought, nought, noughts to ponder over!

In consequence of such failures, Liverpool’s League position is not nearly as good as we had hoped for.
(Cricket and Football Field, 05-01-1907)


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