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Arthur Goddard retires

August 20, 1919 This is in some respect a retiring age. Jimmy Galt, the Everton captain, has, as stated some days ago, decided to give up football. Harry Makepeace, another local, has given up playing, but would be an admirable coach to any class side; and now I […]

The fishy business at Anfield

December 16, 1915 Next Saturday’s game at Anfield brings to our memory a fishy smell. Stoke and Liverpool will ever be associated with one of the few fiascos ever played. Considering the number of games played, the number of fiascos is infinitesimal and this fact is due to […]

Worthy an international cap

Wednesday, November 10 – 1915 “Worthy an international cap.” How often has that term been applied to Arthur Goddard, the ever fit outside right, who spent many years with Liverpool before going to Cardiff City and later returning for the “friendly” series to his old club at Anfield! […]

Alex Raisbeck’s Unique Life Story: Part 7

May 1, 1915 Memorable match which won Liverpool the championship. Alick Raisbeck relates some special training yarns. What the maximum wage have done to football. the fact that Sheffield United have won the English Cup brings back to me the words of Tom Watson, the Liverpool “boss,” whom […]

Lancashire Combination players’ movements

August 17, 1909 A number of transfers have been granted to Lancashire Combination players, including Andrew Swan, Blackpool to Workington; D. Atkinson, Haslingdon to Heywood United; Clifford Maccormick, Rochdale to Heywood United; William Weston, Blackpool to Nelson; John Cox, Liverpool to Blackpool; Harry Read, Blackpool to Colne; Tom […]

John Cox – Blackpool’s new captain

August 9, 1909 The Blackpool directors have elected as captain for the coming season John Cox, the ex-Liverpool international outside left. Cox proposes to proceeds on entirely different lines to those observed last year, as regards the training of players basing his methods on his First Division experience. […]

Big changes at Anfield

June 13, 1909 There has been something akin to an upheavel at Anfield-road. In every respect last season was a disastrous one, although Liverpool profited by the misfortune of other clubs and just managed to remain in the First League. John Cox, Alex Raisbeck, Alf West, Maurice Parry, […]

Liverpool v Bury 2-2 (League match: April 17, 1909)

April 17, 1909 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00. Liverpool – Bury 2-2 (1-1). Attendance: 15,000. Referee: Mr. T.P. Campbell (Blackburn). Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Robert Crawford, Billy Dunlop, Robert Robinson, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Sam Bowyer, Joe Hewitt, Ronald Orr, John Cox. […]

Liverpool bowled over at Anfield

Monday, February 8 – 1909 Norwich City surprised Liverpool completely. The latter expected a walk-over, but got bowled over instead. Norwich City were better in every department than their more famous rivals. Charlie Craig was the most prominent man on the field, with Tommy Allsopp a good second. […]