With the reserves (October 26, 1907)

October 26, 1907
The Anfielders had a different experience with the Oldham second string to that which Everton had the previous week. In the first half, Oldham completely overplayed their rivals, and fully deserved their lead of a goal at the interval. Bill Bottomley was the scorer, but afterwards Robert Blanthorne equalised, only for Wilkie Ward to place his side again in front.

Towards the finish Sam Hignett and Jack Parkinson netted, and the Reds won the odds goal of five.

The Liverpool forwards were only moderate, and they indulged in too much finessing instead of making headway, and shooting at every possible opportunity. Mike Griffin and Harold Uren were the pick of the line. Billy Dunlop and Maurice Parry gave feeble displays, and were the weakest of the rear rankers.

For the losers Ryan kept an excellent goal, and in the first half the team all round gave a really creditable exhibition.
(Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 26, 1907)