The inquest into the death of Jock Smith

January 25, 1911
“Suicide whilst in a depressed state of mind” was the verdict returned at an inquest held at the Newcastle Central Police Station, Wednesday, with reference to the death of Jock Smith, aged 55 years, who was at one time a prominent member of Newcastle United Football team.

Mrs. Janette Smith, of 35, Shipley Street, Byker; identified the body as that of her husband, who, she said, was a machine man employed at Elswick. Some years ago he was an intemperate man, and, as a result of his intemperance, was sent to an asylum. He subsequently left that institution, and had since behaved quite ordinarily. On Saturday last one of their children died, and this seemed to prey upon his mind. On Monday evening he went into yard, and, as he was a long time away, witness went to see what he was doing. She was shocked to find him with his throat cut. The police and a doctor were at once summoned, but death had already occurred. A razor was found by the deceased’s side.

The coroner expressed his sympathy with the widow.
(Newcastle Journal: January 26, 1911)

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