Newcastle United v Liverpool 0-0 (League match: November 7, 1914)

November 7, 1914
Key note: “That Liverpool, who the previous Saturday had scored seven goals against Tottenham Hotspur, and Newcastle United, whose improvement in attack has been one of the features of the season so far, should have failed to muster even a goal between them at St. James’ Park on Saturday, must have proved very disappointing to the crowd of 24,000 spectators. The goalless state of affairs, it must be confessed, was not by any means due to super-excellence in the respective defence. The whole essence of the match was that the forward lines failed with reasonable opportunities, and neither Lawrence nor Campbell had anything like a difficult shot to field.” (Newcastle Journal: November 9, 1914)

Match: Football League, First Division, at St. James’ Park, kick-off: 14:45.
Newcastle United – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 24,000.
Referee: Mr. J.T. Hornby.
Newcastle United (2-3-5): Jimmy Lawrence, Billy McCracken, Frank Hudspeth, Bob Hewison, Wilf Low, Jimmy Hay, Angus Douglas, Billy Hibbert, Tom Hall, Tommy Booth, Thomas Goodwill.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, William Lacey, Phil Bratley, Bob Ferguson, Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, Tom Miller, Jimmy Nicholl.


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