Everton “always” win at Anfield

November 26, 1915
To-morrow’s the day. Everton and Liverpool meet at Anfield. Won’t there be some tremendous discussions in the trenches over the game! The Tommies stick up for their favourite sides, and arguments arise during fights as to which side has done this, that, or the other performance.

When discussing Everton and Liverpool meetings one cannot go far wrong when one summarises them up by saying that Everton win at Anfield and Liverpool win at Goodison Park. It is one of the greatest curiosities of football life that Everton have won at Anfield ever since the early days of 1899.

If poor Tom Watson had been alive to-day he would have looked forward to to-morrow’s game without the slightest fear  of victory; he would have known that it was impossible to look for an Everton defeat at Anfield. Of course these are not normal times, these war-times, and mayhap the records are going to be shaken at the root and that Liverpool will win to-morrow.

It is like Liverpool to win when everything points to the opposite result – none more patent instance of this being the case of Liverpool’s semi-final victory over Aston Villa. Now, on paper form and a dozen and one other ways, the Everton follower can talk his Liverpool follower black regarding to-morrow’s prospect. Everton have it. There’s a ring about the name of their team. Yet, have a care.

Form counts for nothing in “Derby” games, and Liverpool with their earnest contestants will make Everton go all the way before they yield. Recently Liverpool have been warming to their game and victories against Southport Central and at Oldham are not to be sniffed at, besides which they give Liverpool just that touch of confidence that has been lacking for some of their home games this season.
Late on I am advised that Mackinlay will play vice Winn.
(Liverpool Echo: November 26, 1915)

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