Bolton Wanderers away for Liverpool

April 27, 1917
Abrams to help at Anfield gala.
When I first mooted the idea of a headline name, “Liverton” was objected to by some folk. Still those folk knew not the trouble of head-making. I have been forced this week, through the special fare that obtains in and out of our city, to coin a new title for football enthusiasts.

You see, with Everton and Liverpool away, and South Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers engaged at Anfield, one must strike out a new line o’ type. You can translate the heading, no doubt.

The match at Anfield attracts me. In fact, I am going to be present at the game rather than journey to Stockport or Bolton. It is the first time we have ever had South and Rovers together in the city, and everyone is anxious to avail himself of the chance of seeing old and new players whose names and works we have followed keenly.

The prices of admission are 6d., 9d. and 1s., and if the teams give us a game like that served up on their last meeting, everyone will be delighted.

A well-known local football director was present at that game, and he described it as the best game had seen since the war-football came into being. He is a regular follower of Liverpool and Everton, and we know those clubs have given us very good stuff for a long time. The match interest me in many ways, and one such is the appearance of Jack Cahill as referee. I am told he is doing uncommonly well. But then, he’s a runner, and has a “long head.” Birkenhead Industrial Band will be in attendance.

Everton at Stockport, will have to fight hard to draw, for Stockport are bound to go all out for their revenge. Still, I have hopes of a draw.

Liverpool are hard pressed for a team. Tommy Lucas being a non-starter and Arthur Goddard doubtful.

South Liverpool. – Thomas Capper, John Page, Billy Jenkinson, Owen Williams, E. Williams, Lol Abram (Southport), Robert Waine, Aspinall, Tommy Bennett, Tom Page, Tattum.

Tranmere Rovers. – Mahon, Bull, Simpson, Hancock, Scott, Smith, Jimmy Moreton, Cunningham, Thomas, Goode, Roberts.
(Liverpool Echo: April 27, 1917)


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