An internationalist in Cambridgeshire…

December 11, 1936
Gamlingay Football Club have been playing an international footballer unaware. Yet he graduated into Gamlingay’s Cambridgeshire League side from the Reserves.

During the summer a man came fruit picking in the district, and at the beginning of the football season he offered his services to Gamlingay. He was given a trial with the reserves, and as he showed outstanding ability he was promoted to the first eleven.

The man was known as Jack Anderson,, but it transpires that he is Tom Morrison, the Scottish international and former Sunderland full back, who mysteriously vanished from his home seven months ago.

On Monday he appeared in court at Sunderland, accused of leaving his wife and child chargeable to the public assistance committee.

On an undertaking by Mr. Lionel Wolfe, his solicitor, who is also a director of Sunderland Football Club, that £16 paid in relief to Morrison’s wife would be refunded, the case was withdrawn.
(Cambridge Independent Press: December 11, 1936)

Tom Morrison, ex-Liverpool and Sunderland.


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