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About Billy Dunlop:
“Dunlop is admirably constituted for full back play. Strongly, athletically built, he has speed, strength, and agility well combined, and possessing a cool head, a good eye, and judgment insusceptible to excitement, he plays a man or a wing or a whole bundle of forwards with quiet confidence and placid consciousness of his own ability to do what he wants with the ball, or, at least, prevent his opponents effecting their purposes therewith.”
(Lancashire Evening Post, September 2, 1899)

Dunlop plays a characteristic full back game, and the familiar cry of the Anfield ground of “Boot it, Dunlop” is fairly suggestive of his method of defence. There can be no two opinions of his ability to kick the ball from almost any position. Always keen and watchful on the field, he betrays his over-anxiety to repel the invader by his terrific lunges, and on his day, there is no more brilliant player than this same Dunlop.
(Liverpool Match programme, September 17, 1904)

“The sub-captain, Billy Dunlop, has surprised his most enthusiastic followers. How he has lasted the season is surprising, and yet it is not a startling surprise, because Dunlop is known to be most abstemious, and a man who never yet gave his team or trainer the slightest trouble. His whole heart is with Liverpool, and he has passed the double figures in years of service for the “Reds.” He will receive, all being well, a benefit next year, we believe, and know full well the public will rally round him and give the popular punter a rare good sum. His long kick has been invaluable to his co-defenders, because when he gets his boot to the ball it is to clear cleanly and guarantee that the forward will have a chance to relieve the defence.”
(Liverpool Football Echo: April 21, 1906)

Born: July 11, 1871: Hurlford, in Scotland.
Passed away: November 29, 1941: Stanhope, in England.
** Note that death certificate says November 28, 1941, also see Cris Freddi`s comment below.

Position: Left back.

Height: 179 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 76 kilos (12st.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

Hurlford, 1886.
** Played for Hurlford as late as October 1892 (with A. and W. Goldie).
Annbank. 1888.
Kilarmnock: Signed: 1893.
Paisley Abercorn: Signed: February 1, 1894.
Liverpool: Signed: October 11, 1894.
* registered with the Football League: October 12, 1894.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: October 19, 1894.
* registered with the FA: January 25, 1895.
* re-registered with the FA: May 1, 1895.
* re-registered with the FA: April 1, 1896.
* re-registered with the FA: April 25, 1902.
Assistant trainer: Sunderland: Appointed, July 14, 1911.
** Dunlop played a few matches for Sunderland ‘A’ during the 1911/12 season; and at least one match for Sunderland Reserves on December 27, 1913.

Scotland A 1-0 (v. England: April 7, 1906).
Scotland A Trial 2-0 (March 1, 1890; March 20, 1901).
Football League: First Division Champion: 1900-01, 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League: Second Division Champion: 1895-96, 1904-05 (Liverpool).
Sheriff of London Charity Shield Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Ayrshire Cup Winner: 1891-92 (Annbank).
Liverpool Senior Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool), 1905-06 (Liverpool).

Billy Dunlop on a football card from 1895. Note the blue and white shirt.
Billy Dunlop 1895

Lancashire Evening Post: September 1, 1899.
Billy Dunlop 1899

Athletic News: February 10, 1902.
1902 William Dunlop

Athletic News: September 8, 1902.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 2, 1905.
Billy Dunlop 1905

Billy Dunlop 1906


  1. Hi again, Kjell.

    This is from Andy Mitchell’s typically excellent research (check out his website scottishsporthistory.com):

    A similar discovery in the city of Liverpool which helped my research was from 1911. Two young Scots, described helpfully as professional footballers with Liverpool FC, are boarding with a tobacconist called William P Dunlop in Walton Breck Road, right outside Anfield. The players are John McConnell and Donald McKinley, and while the former returned north after two seasons, the latter became a Liverpool legend staying for almost two decades, winning two Scotland caps into the bargain. What makes the entry really interesting, however, is the tobacconist.
    William Dunlop had also played for Scotland during a great Liverpool career, having joined the club in 1894 following spells with various Scottish clubs including Kilmarnock and Abercorn. His age (37) and middle initial (P) did not fit with the usual identification of him as born in 1871 with a middle name of Theodore. A bit of investigation confirmed that he was actually William Peden Dunlop, born in Hurlford on 11 August 1874. He died in Stanhope, County Durham, on 28 November 1941.

    All the best,

    Cris Freddi

    1. Hi Cris,

      Thanks for another valuable input and for sharing the website for Scottish sport history. I was not aware of it. I am just happy more and more people get involved with sports history. Regarding Dunlop, from what I understand very little is known about him after he left Liverpool.

      Btw, did you see one of the latest articles I added regarding a Councillor signing for Liverpool? Dinsdale Walker. I tried to google his name but could not find anything.


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