Annual Athletic Sports for the Anfield Road Board Schools

June 11, 1892
The fifth annual athletic sports of the Anfield Road Board Schools took place on Saturday on the Liverpool (late Everton) Football Ground, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. John Houlding. Though the weather was showery and dull there was a large assemblange of spectators, who were much interested in the various events.

Subjoined are details: – Old Boys’ Race: G. Hill, 100 yards (Senior): 1, Lawson; 2, Carmichael. High jump: Clarke. Potato Race (Junior): 1, Blair; 2, Guthrie. Throwing the Cricket Ball: A. May, 80 yards (Senior Girls): 1, E. Wilkinson; 2. L. Dudley. 100 Yards (Junior): 1, Reid; 2, Cooke. Skipping Race (Junior Girls): 1, F. Wilson; 2. B. Murray. Potato Race (Senior): 1, Lunt; 2, Milliken. 80 Yards (Junior Girls): 1, A. Kelsey; 2. F. Wilson. Tug of War: May’s team. Skipping Race (Senior Girls): 1, E. Wilkinson; 2, L. Dudley. Hoop Race: 1, Lambert; 2, Podmore. Quarter Mile: 1, Lunt; 2, W. Hatton. Sack Race: 1, Hinton; 2, Baker. Three-legged Race: 1, Wilkinson and Watson; 2, Lambert and Jones. Half Mile (Open to North End Schools): 1, Gibb (St Saviour’s); 2, Hatton (Anfield-road). Consolation (Senior): 1, Carter; 2, F. Hatton.

At the conclusion of the sports the prizes (mainly contributed by Messrs. T. Linton and John Ellison) were distributed by the Rev. C. Carter. The proceeds were in aid of the teachers’ charities.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: June 13, 1892)

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