Newton Heath A.F.C.: The annual meeting of 1893

May 29, 1893
The first annual meeting of the limited company, formed for the purpose of carrying on the old Newton Heath (L & Y.) Football Club, was held on Monday night, when there was only a moderate attendance.

Mr. Councillor Bowes in the chair.

The principal business was the balance sheet, which was not so favourable as was expected, there being a deficit of over £314.

The following are the particulars: –

It will be noticed that in the receipts the sum of tickets is only £273 6s., whilst the gate money amounts to little shot of £3,000. What it would have been if the team had done better can only be guessed, but there is no doubt that the deficit would have been wiped off.

Players and groundsmen have taken just over £2,000; not a very startling sum as these things go now-a-days.

Probably the one item that has given most dissatisfaction is the ground account, this amounting to over £350; rent and rates taking £144, which seems rather an extortionate sum, whilst about £160 was spent on improvements, notably, baths &c., for the team and visitors.

The hotel and travelling expenses (£407 16s. 2d.) were inquired into, and explanations were given that this also covered the greater portion of the cost of training.

Another big drawback was that nearly £200 was paid for liabilities of previous seasons.

After a long discussion the balance sheet was passed unanimously, and we then came to a resolution for reducing the number of directors to eight instead of twelve, but owing to several peculiar circumstances it was thought better to leave things as they are.

Mr. Councillor Bowes was elected president and Mr. Crompton, vice-president.

Owing to the latter gentleman’s election advice, there were seven vacancies on the directorate, and the following were elected: Messrs. J. O’Reilly, L. Hilton, H. Jones, J. Fairbrother, H. Smith, H. Faulkner, and Hope.

There were several requests to be allowed to retire, but the first four are old directors, whilst Mr. Smith has also done service before.

Several shareholders asked questions as to the new ground, but it was thought advisable not to say anything, as it was hoped all arrangements will be settled in the course of a few days.

Votes of thanks all round brought the meeting to a conclusion.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 3, 1892; signed by ‘Mancunian’)


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