Davie Hannah, of Dundee

August 20, 1897
Davie Hannah is a native of Renton, and, like the majority of the male inhabitants of that famous Dumbartonshire village, he commenced to play football at a very early age. His first Club was the Renton Thistle. His improvement was so rapid that at the age of 16 he was drafted into the ranks of the Renton team, his first and, as it proved, his last match for the team being against the Rangers at Glasgow.

Tom Watson, of Sunderland, happened to be watching the game, and that astute judge was so impressed with Hannah’s play that he lost no time in calling on his parents, with the result that they were prevailed on to allow Davie to throw in his lot with the Wearsiders.

He at once got a place in the League team as inside left, and for four years he and Jock Scott formed one of the best wings in England. During that period the Sunderland team were successful in winning the League championship twice, for which Hannah holds two splendid gold badges an a special gold badge by the proprietors of the Athletic News.

Liverpool F.C. in their efforts to escape the dreaded test matches, applied to Sunderland for Hannah’s transfer. Although their application was backed by a cheque for £100, Sunderland were unwilling to part with him, but after considerable pressure they consented to do so. No player in Sunderland was more appreciated than Hannah, and on leaving the Committee presented him with a marble clock and bronze ornaments. He has played many fine games for Liverpool, one of his best being against Sunderland last season, when the ex-League champions were defeated by 3 goals to 0, Hannah scoring all the goals.

The Directors of Dundee F.C., acting on the advice of Jack Hillman, secured Hannah and Malcolm McVean, also of Liverpool, and fully expect those players to greatly strengthen their front rank.
(Evening Telegraph: August 20, 1897)

Davie Hannah, sketch with the article
Davie Hannah 1897

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