The annual picnic 1897 at the Childe of Hale Hotel

August 19, 1897
The sixth annual picnic of the Liverpool Football Club was held yesterday, taking the form of a waggonette drive from the Sandon Hotel, Anfield, through Wavertree and Woolton, to Hale, and home later through Garston and Aigburth. Bright sunshine prevailed, and the drive was greatly enjoyed. Amongst the directors and other present were Dr. William Houlding (chairman of the club), Messrs. John McKenna, Benjamin Bailey, Charles Gibson, Richard H. Webster, John James Ramsay, B. Grant, and Tom Watson (secretary). The party, including all the players except Wilkie, who was unable to attend through a slight indisposition, put up at the Childe of Hale Hotel, and a feature of the excursion was the sports held in Hale Park. Afterwards, a first class cold luncheon was served, and subsequently Dr William Houlding, who presided, distributed the prizes and the medals won in the Combination last season, taking the opportunity of expressing the opinion that if unanimity prevailed among the players the coming season would see the Liverpool club at the top of the tree.

The sports results were as follows: –
120 yards Handicap – First heat: Bradshaw (5 yards start), 1; Gray (7 yards), 2. Second heat: Storer (9 yards), 1; Lumsden (8 yards), 2. Third heat: Marshall (7 yards), 1; Goldie (3 yards), 2. Final: Bradshaw, 1; Marshall, 2; Goldie, 3.
Place kick – Goldie, 1; Dunlop, 2: distance 70 yards.
440 yards Handicap – Dunlop (25 yards), 1; McCowie (25 yards), 2; Cleghorn (30 yards), 3.
880 yards Handicap – Mainman (25 yards), 1; McCowie (25 yards), 2; McCartney (40 yards), 3.
Dribbling Race – 1st heat: Geary, 1; Walker, 2. 2nd heat: Becton, 1; Bradshaw, 2. Final: Walker, 1; Bradshaw, 2; Geary, 3.
(Liverpool Mercury: August 20, 1897)

Childe of Hale Hotel
Childe Hotel

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