Anfield Happenings (September 17, 1904)

September 17, 1904
Liverpool have again drawn, and it must be confessed the followers of the club are not quite at ease. The three opening matches were fully expected to realize six points, instead of which only four have accrued. In two cases it was only after a stern struggle that the single point was obtained. Before going into this matter I must just briefly give a resume of the match at Chesterfield.

It was a case of Liverpool again doing all the pressing and failing in front of goal. It was their misfortune to meet with a sterling defence, but nevertheless, there were sufficient openings for the inside men to have prevailed in spite of this.

Time and again the ball would be worked brilliantly down only to be put outside or safely cleared by the backs. It was hoped that the inclusion of Richard Morris would improve the shooting powers of the men, but like all others, he failed at close quarters. The first half was a goalless one, although Frank Newton once had a golden chance of scoring for Chesterfield.

In the second half the same player scored for Chesterfield, and the home team naturally did all they could to keep the lead, Liverpool exerted much pressure, and finally, about ten minutes from time, Arthur Goddard equalized. They were nearly put on the winning point, but that was not their luck.

During the second half, John Cox and Morris changed places, the flier going inside. He did well and there has been some talk of being tried in that position. Morris, from outside left sent in some lovely centres, but I cannot say I fancy the little man as an outsider. The Chesterfield team are a sturdy lot, and were immensely delighted at having drawn with their powerful antagonists.

The disappointment is great, but still the Livers have not been beaten, and a big victory to-day will make a lot of difference. It is hard to put a finger on the weak spot, but Sam Raybould at centre-forward has never recovered his form of 1902-3. Whether it is nervousness or inability is a question agitating the minds of many. Personally I think that a good deal of his failure of last season was due to the responsibility which was placed upon him. Only one man in a thousand can rise to the height asked for Raybould. It was assumed that when he returned, goals would come  and victory follow as a natural sequence. They didn’t, and of course the centre was blamed.

A good performance and a couple of goals would make all the difference to him. He wants some heartening. Of course, if he cannot get going, the Liverpool Committee will have no option but to make a change in this important position. They cannot afford to wait as a single point may be of the utmost value at the end of the season.
A good attack is important, as even the most powerful defence in the world will crack up under constant and persistent pressure.

David Murray is on the up-grade the whole time, and has done well especially as he is playing on his wrong side. The halves, too, are a good three, and I am glad that Parry is showing glimpses of his best form.

We are waiting patiently. I hope that our waiting will not be too long deferred. At all events, the men are absolutely determined to show the populace that they can still play the game.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme, 17-09-1904)


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