Liverpool v Everton 3-0 (Liverpool Cup Final: April 29, 1907)

April 29, 1907
Match: Liverpool Cup, Final, at Anfield, kick off 18:00.
Liverpool – Everton 3-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 12,000.
Referee: Mr. Tom Kirkham.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy; Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck (C), James Hughes; Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
Everton (2-3-5): William Scott; Bob Balmer, William Stevenson; Harry Makepeace, Tom Booth, Thomas Chadwick; Joe Donnachie, Hugh Bolton, Sandy Young, Jimmy Settle (C), Harold Hardman.
The goals: 1-0 Robinson (49 min.), 2-0 Parkinson (54 min.), 3-0 Raisbeck (pen., 89 min).

Liverpool and Everton met at Anfield last evening to play off for the Liverpool Cup, which was won by the Reds at Goodison Park last April. This was the last match of the season for the local teams, and a fair crowd of some 12,000 people turned up under excellent weather conditions. Several rather surprising changes were made in both sides. For Liverpool Dunlop turned out at back and Raisbeck resumed his own place, with Parry on his right and Hughes on the left, while forward Parkinson took the centre and Robinson partnered Goddard. For Everton Tom Booth reappeared at centre half and Stevenson took the left back position, while Donnachie figured at outside right.

Raisbeck won the toss, and thus gave his comrades the advantage of the setting sun and rather the best of a cross breeze. The first dangerous movement came from the Blues, but Donnachie centre was got away by Raisbeck, and then spirited work by Parkinson gave Cox a grand opening for a run. The winger sprinted off like a stag, but instead of having a shot he centred, and Parkinson was too well watched by Balmer to shoot. From a cluster of legs the ball came out to Cox, who had a pop at goal, but missed by a yard.

Then the Blues made play and Parry fouled Hardman, but nothing happened until Saul let in Young, and Settle and the latter sent in a feeble shot which Hardy easily saved. The game was now very fast and interesting, both teams putting in plenty of vigour into their work. An attack by the Reds brought a fruitless corner, and helped by a free kick for a foul by Hughes, the Blues pressed. A pass out to Donnachie by Bolton looked dangerous, but the winger sent over the line. Parkinson did his best to get going, but he struck to the ball too long, and was charged off.

After some desultory midfield play Raisbeck initiated an attack by the home right and opportunity for a shot was made but Robinson and Parkinson miskicked, and Scott was not troubled. Parry was applauded for tricky dispossessing Young, and Saul checked Hardman, but a nice pass from Hughes was not turned to account by Cox. Sandy Young was caught handling, and from the free kick Raisbeck sent in a daisy cutter which Scott saved, but for a few moments the home forwards swarmed in the Everton goalmouth, Scott saved a shot from a cluster of attackers, and other efforts from Robinson and Goddard were charged down Young got nicely off, and although he was checked. Hardman got in a centre, which hit the side of the rigging.

Very pretty work by Parkinson gave Raybould a perfect chance. He shot in at once a low one, which Scott only kept out at the expense of a corner, which brought no advantage, Hughes heading over. Sandy Young was dribbling for position when Hughes tripped him, and from the free kick Young shot over when well placed. Young and Hughes got to loggerheads again a moment later and a free kick was given against the Blue. This was worked away, and a foul against Parry took play in the Liverpool half. Donnachie and Bolton worked nicely together, and the ball travelled to Settle. He was offside, but he shot in, Hardy saving.

Play readily veered to the other end, and Hughes skied the ball when well-placed Tom Booth failing to clear his lines, the Reds came again, but the efforts near goal did not improve a shot high over the bar from Robinson being the only incident. Parkinson was a trifle selfish, but finding a long-range opening he sent in a terrific drive, which Scott saved grandly, this being the bright incident of the play so far. Soon after Parkinson had an absolutely open goal following good work by the right wing, but he kicked the ball in ridiculous fashion.

Then Hardman set Young in motion and first Parry and then Raisbeck tripped him. Alec did the business and a free kick was given just outside the line, but no benefit accrued. Scott cleared from Goddard and Parkinson, and then the Blues, aided by two free kicks, got to the other end, and Hardman off Parry forced a corner. This was worked away, and at the other end a warm shot from Parkinson was luckily changed down. Weak defended by Parry caused Hardy to handle from Young, and then Donnachie tested the keeper with a good one, which was well saved. There was no scoring up to the interval.

Half-time Liverpool nil, Everton nil.

In the second half Cox was early prominent, but he was not well supported by his partner and although the Reds came again a corner forced by Parkinson, was the only result. At the other end Bolton got offside, and the Reds dashing off Robinson coolly maneuvered for position in the goalmouth, and shooting in, the leather struck the cross bar and fell into the net. This was the first goal for Liverpool and it came after 4 minutes play.

In another five minutes came for Parkinson worked through by sheer grit, and beating Booth and Stevenson tipped the leather sideways into the net – a fine individual effort. Hardman made a gallant effort to retrieve the fortunes of his side, but the Blues failed to pierce the Anfield defence. A comical incident hereabout caused roar of laughter. Some excited partisan got upon the field of play and dribbled the ball about in the manner of a music hall comedian while the players stood around enjoying the fun. The amateur was escorted off the field by a policeman.

Resuming, each end was visited. The home goal was hotly assailed, but a fruitless corner only resulted, and at the other end Scott saved a clicking shot from Raisbeck. Robert Balmer kicked well at this stage. Another fine individual effort by Parkinson nearly brought a third goal, but Scott tipped over the final effort, the corner proving fruitless. The game was stopped for a moment when Parkinson got him and play afterwards slackened down considerably. Fouls were frequent, Young, Parry, and Bolton offending in turn. Parkinson was once more working clean through when Balmer tripped him. Raybould netted, but the referee gave a penalty kick, from which Raisbeck scored Liverpool’s third goal. This was the final incident, Liverpool running off easy winners by three goals to nil.

The only trophy gained by either of our local teams this season is the local one, which remains in the hands of the Anfield organization. The handsome cup was presented to the winners at the close of the game by Mr. T. E. Sampson, the City Coroner, a large crowd assembling to witness the event. The crowd swarmed the playing pitch over by spectators, nothing marking the end of the season more strikingly than the capture of the playing area. The game had been an interesting one. The game had been an interesting one, and Liverpool thoroughly earned their victory. Their forwards shaped better than in some more important matches, and Parkinson’s fire and dash made a welcome change. The Everton vanguard were listless in comparison. The match was marred by very frequent fouls. Both side offended continually in this respect, and this was an unpleasant feature to attend the last match of the season.
(Liverpool Courier, 30-04-1907)

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