Bob Kyle’s benefit

May 1, 1920
Liverpool provide the opposition at Roker
Meeting of old friends on Wearside enclosure
Liverpool and Sunderland are old friends and closely tied through the remembrance of Tom Watson’s secretarial business with both clubs. Today Mr. Bob Kelly, secretary for Sunderland, took the receipts as his benefit. The teams, which included Lewis, who has signed on for the Anfield club for another season, were: –

Sunderland: James Dempster, Bert Hobson, John Johnston, George Ardley, Joe Kasher, Frank Cuggy, John Page, Charlie Buchan, Barney Travers, Billy Moore, Harry Martin.
Liverpool: Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, Donald Mackinlay, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, Jack Sheldon, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Harry Lewis, Albert Pearson.

There was a crowd of about 30,000 at this the last League match of the season at Roker Park this afternoon. Liverpool had to make two changes in their forward line. Miller being unable to play at centre, Chambers filled he position, and Lewis was brought in the inside right in place of Chambers. In consequence of injuries to the home half-backs Sunderland played an amateur named Ardley at right half, this being his first appearance in League football.

From the kick-off, Liverpool’s goal was endangered, Moore and Martin getting down on the left. This movement resulted in three corner in quick succession, from which Scott made some clever saves. He was then fully extended by a low cross shot from Travern, but saved grandly at full length.

Liverpool made some headway, but Buchan cleverly sent the Sunderland front line away only to be pulled up by Bromilow. The Wearsiders were becoming dangerous again when a free kick was given them for hands, but Buchan shot high over the bar.

The opening certainly favoured the home side, whose forwards well backed up by the halves were very aggressively. The Liverpool left wing cleverly broke through the home defence and Chambers got in a header which Dempster had some difficulty in getting rid of. Pearson also got well away, but centred weakly for Wadsworth to shoot over the bar.

At the other end Martin was given a clever pass, and from his centre Moore headed in but found Scott very safe. The visitors defence was warming to its work, particularly by the home men, but still, the Wearsiders were the more dangerous, Scott several times being called upon to handle.

The game was being contested at a fast pace, and there was much clever half-back work particularly by the home men. Mackinlay dispossessed Page, when the latter was well placed, and then both Buchan and Travers narrowly headed wide. Hobson several times checked movements by the Liverpool forwards, who also found the new man Ardley, a rare opponent.

The home left made an opening very smartly and Buchan, with a clear field shot wide. He strained himself in so doing and had to leave the field, but only temporarily. Longworth by trying to keep Martin off and letting the ball go wide, nearly let his side down, for the winger got the ball into the centre, where only good luck helped the visitors’ defence to get the ball away.

Travers, with much persistence, got the ball into the net, but he had handled in doing so, and the point was disallowed. On the left Liverpool made headway, and Lewis gave Chambers a chance, but the centre was charged off before he could get in an effective shot. Dempster was well tested by a low shot from Forshaw, and the Chambers narrowly headed wide, after Sheldon had centred the ball well across the goalmouth.

Attacking again Liverpool were awarded the first goal. A corner on the left was so well placed that Dempster conceded another corner in fisting away. From this second corner kick the ball went in to the goalmouth, and Chambers headed in to the net, Dempster making a vain attempt to reach it.

This success came at the end of thirty-five minutes play. Page, at the other hand, got in a lovely dropping shot which Scott tipped over the bar for a corner, and then the custodian ran out and made a daring save from Buchan. Dempster made two clever saves at the home end, and in doing so got at loggerheads with Bamber, both players being cautioned by the referee.

Sunderland returned the pressure, but found the Mersey defence a good deal steadier. Page was given a few chances, but he was incapable of making the best use of them. The half ended with Liverpool holding a goal lead.

The second half opened quietly, and play centred in midfield, until Sheldon got in a centre. Forshaw tried to collect, but Hobson just beat him. Liverpool just afterwards claimed a penalty when Pearson was grassed, but the referee was against them.

Liverpool were making some forceful movements and extending the home defence in which Hobson was the safest player. The Wearsiders’ play showed a corresponding deterioration. Moore gave Travers a grand chance of running through, but the centre handled the ball, play being soon transferred. Lewis got in a hard surprise shot, which Dempster was very lucky to save. Sunderland then made a strong attack, but Scott finely fisted out Martin’s centre. Then Cuggy grazed the crossbar with a hard drive.

Chambers dashed through on his own, and Dempster running out to beat him for possession of the ball was distinctly fortunate to get the leather away. Sunderland were trilling away many chances, while Liverpool were decidedly playing well on top of their opponents. Martin raced up the wing on his own, and Scott cleared against the post. Another attack on the home left ended in the ball going wide, and then a centre from Buchan set going by Ardley made a strenuous attempt to equalise, Buchan driving just over the bar.

The Mersey forwards badly mulled a chance when Pearson got well in and passed the ball in the centre, where the inside men dallied and Hobson got in the way of Forshaw’s drive and prevented a scored. Sheldon troubled the home defence with a centre which Lewis should have converted.
(Liverpool Football Echo: May 1, 1920)

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