Another two points for Liverpool

February 27, 1893
The first meeting of these clubs in the Lancashire League competition took place on Saturday, at Anfield, before 3,000 spectators.

Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Matt McQueen, John Miller, Malcolm McVean, Hugh McQueen.

Southport Central: Jimmy Gee, Tom Smith, Dick Fairhurst, Charles Gee, Muir, Johnny Dodd, Lollie, Halsall, Kenny Davenport, P. McCabe, Albert Winstanley, Billy Hastings.

McCabe started on behalf of Southport, and immediately Davonport obtained a foul off McLean, but the ultimate aim was not successful. Charles Gee then stopped McQueen and gave to Halsall, but McBride stepped in and judiciously passed to McQueen, and after some pretty exchanges and passes between them and McVean, the former completely baffled the Southport custodian with a fast high shot.

The play of the home team now wonderfully improved, and they literally swarmed round Gee. McVean got through once very nicely, and gave to Miller, but Smith blocked the ball, as the centre-forward was in the act of shooting. McCabe then obtained the lather from a goal-kick, and put out Billy Hastings, who darted off at top speed past Hannah, and Ross had to run out to save.

Again the home team were in the old spot, and after McQueen had shot hard in twice over, persistency brought its reward, and he nonplussed Gee with a splendid shot. Wyllie then had hard luck with a capital header, which Gee only just managed to put over the bar.

McVean sent sharply across the goal-mouth, but the chance was not taken advantage of. Half-time found Liverpool leading by 2 goals, and after an uninteresting display in the second portion of play the result remained the same.
(Liverpool Mercury: February 27, 1893)


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