Season preview 1894-95: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 27, 1894
In the Liverpool district the football craze appears to be as keen as ever: indeed, it is questionable whether the public are not even more anxious for the “1st” than in any previous season. When 18.000 or 20.000 turn up to see a practice or side games, it looks as if football in Liverpool will be livelier than ever.

On the Liverpool side there are only a few changes. Neil Kerr, from Glasgow Rangers, taking centre forward, and Drummond of Sheffield United, another forward, with Cameron, of the Glasgow Rangers, as half or full back. The others are all tried men, and have acquitted themselves well, and in the trial games have given satisfaction.

The Anfield-ground has been improved, the playing portion being widened about eight yards, and a commodious stand erected. Some people say it will be the best stand in England. It is certainly a good one, both for comfort and seeing the game.

The team have three stiff matches with the Blackburn Rovers, Burnley and Aston Villa for a start, and will do well if they can average a point each out of these games.

The teams will be something like the following in the earlier games: –
McCann, goal; Hannah and McLean, backs; M McQueen, McQue and McBride, half-backs; Gordon, McVean, Kerr, Bradshaw, H McQueen or Drummond, forwards.
(Source: Athletic News: August 27, 1894)