Season preview 1900-01: Liverpool F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post)

August 25, 1900
After being behind all the season, Liverpool overtook their local rivals at the fag-end, and finished up a shade better in the League. They also made both ends (financially) meet, so that they start next season unclogged by the burden of a balance on the wrong side, and free from the sense of failure which weighs down its victims, whether football teams or individuals, like a nightmare.

The “Livers,” for some reason, are generally later starters. Last season they did not begin to show their real form till the game was practically over; this season before they did not turn the corner till Christmas. Given a fair start from the mark, Liverpool will create a stir in the football world. Like Everton, they are running two teams, and they have the following 21 players:
Goal, Bill Perkins and Harry Storer; backs, Billy Dunlop (right), Tom J. Robertson and John Glover (left); half-backs, Charlie Wilson and Rab Howell (right), Alex Raisbeck (centre), and William Goldie and John T. Hunter (left); forwards, Richard Morris, Maurice Parry (left), Farrow, Tom Robertson, John Walker, Charles Satterthwaite (right), Sam Raybould (centre), John Cox, John “Sailor” Hunter, Andy McGuigan, William Otty, Alf Ferrier, and Thomas Soulsby (left).
** Note, something is wrong in the count here since 23 players are mentioned. I believe “Morris, Parry” should be “Maurice Parry”, and I have never heard of a player named “Farrow.”

Liverpool have effected a fine catch in T. Robertson, of Stoke. Robertson is an international, an ideal back, having beautiful action and ripe judgment; he is a veteran player in his prime, and the best compliment ever paid him was when Liverpool observed him as a “Potter,” and then seized the first opportunity to sign him on. Dunlop, Robertson, and Perkins will be a back division bad to beat. Glover was formerly of New Brompton and the Blackburn Rovers.

The halves are pretty much the same except Parry, who is from Oswestry. Forward, the new names are McGuigan, late of the Edinburgh “Hibs,” Otty, of Gravesend, Ferrier, Montrose, and Soulsby, Mickley.

Of last season’s team, Hugh Morgan has joined the Blackburn Rovers, Archie Goldie is now of New Brighton Tower, and David Wilson, Peter Kyle, John Parkinson, John Birchall, and Robert Maclaren are also trying fortune elsewhere.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: August 25, 1900)

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