Liverpool’s revival at Glossop

January 2, 1905
The visit of Liverpool to Glossop had been looked forward to with a great amount of interest, mainly through the appearance of Arthur Goddard, the ex-popular Glossop player. There was a greater number of spectators than usual, and although they had not the satisfaction of seeing their team gain valuable points, they witnessed a fine struggle. The score at the finish was two goals to none in favour of the Anfielders, and they were worthy of their victory.

Glossop made a few changes in their team. They played their latest capture, Cameron, a centre, late of Renton. Hugh Maginnis was absent from the half-back line through an injury to his shoulder. This caused Brown to again come into the intermediate division, and he took the right half position and Phillips crossed over to the opposite wing.

Liverpool were fully represented.

The commencement was suggestive of a hard struggle, for both teams played for all they were worth. The first half was fairly even, the noticeable feature being the sound display given by both defences. After the interval the game became rough, and had several times to be stopped through players getting hurt.

The home team more than held their own for a time, and Gall should certainly have opened their account for, with a clear course, he hit the upright. From the rebound the same player sent across the goal, and with no one to beat but Doig, both Lawrence and Cameron completely missed the ball.

Fifteen minutes from the close Liverpool opened the scoring after Parry had gone forward. Orr, who was kicked just before the interval, let in Raybould, and the error resulted in Parkinson shooting past Davies. Some minutes later Goddard scored a second goal from a corner.

Weak shooting.
Liverpool were much the superior team, but their shooting was poor. Had it been more deadly they would have had more goals to their credit, for many chances were thrown away. Cox never seemed to get going. Goodard, too, was off colour. Raisbeck stood out prominently amongst the half-backs, and Dunlop was the better back; in fact he was the best player on the field.

It was the same complaint on the Glossop side – poor forwards. They did show an improvement, but they are still weak. Cameron, the new recruit, did fairly well, but he is rather on the small side. Cairns was the best of the quintet. He made some fine openings for Gall, but they were not utilised. Phillips amongst the half-backs played a sound game, and was the best man on the side. Davies and his backs were the strongest part of the team.

Glossop: Frank Davies, William Synott, Willie Orr, John Brown, John Boden, Tom Phillips, Leon Gall, Tom Cairns, William Cameron, Everand Lawrence, Joe Irvine.
Liverpool: Ned Doig, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Sam Raybould, Jack Parkinson, John Cox.
Referee: D. Hammond (Heywood).
(Athletic News: January 2, 1905)

William Cameron, Glossop F.C. (Athletic News: March 13, 1905).

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