Liverpool are worthy champions

May 1, 1905
While Liverpool have won the championship of the First Division once, they have thrice had the pleasure of heading the Second Division. Their return to their proper sphere this spring is peculiarly welcome when we remember the circumstances which really caused their downfall.

The season has been a real blessing to Liverpool, for apart from their success in the arena, the club has enjoyed splendid support from an appreciative public, and by its reconstruction the organisation has been placed on a stable basis, which probably would not have happened had they not gone down to the minor section.

Despite accidents to their players, Liverpool beat Burnley pointless by winning their last four matches without losing a goal. Their form has been worthy of champions.

They have won 27 matches and drawn four out of 34, while their 58 points constitutes a splendid record for either division. Their goal average (93-25) is handsome, and had the forwards chosen to exert themselves in all matches the figures might easily have been 100-25.

Liverpool did score 100 goals in the Second Division during the campaign of 1895-96. During the past eight months Liverpool have only played in one competition match when they have failed to score, while their defence is proved by the fact that in sixteen struggles they never lost a goal, while in twelve others they forfeited one goal.

On the other hand we can see matches in which Liverpool have once registered eight goals, in two six goals, in two five goals, in five four goals, and in five more three goals. Really is it any wonder that Liverpool have walked back in such a triumphant fashion?

Liverpool have tried 20 players, with the following respective appearances: –
Ned Doig, 34; Alex Raisbeck, 33; John Cox, 33; Robert Robinson, 32; Billy Dunlop, 32; Sam Raybould, 32; Maurice Parry, 30; George Fleming, 29; Arthur Goddard, 28; Jack Parkinson, 21; Alf West, 16; Tom Chorlton, 12; David Murray, 12; Joe Hewitt, 8; Richard Morris, 7; Charlie Wilson, 5; John Carlin, 4; James Hughes, 4; James Garside, 1; George Latham, 1.

The goal-scorers in the tournament has been: –
Robinson, 24; Parkinson, 20; Raybould, 19; Cox, 10; Goddard, 7; Chorlton, 3; Raisbeck, 2; Parry, 2; Hewitt, 1; Morris, 1; Carlin, 1; West, 1; Dunlop, 1; own goal (Ernie Mullineux, Burslem Port Vale), 1.
(Athletic News: May 1, 1905)

Note that among the match statistics official sources have Cox on 32 matches and Hewitt on 9 matches. The mystery match is the one vs. Doncaster Rovers, on April 21.


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