Liverpool v Northwich Victoria 4-0 (League match: February 5, 1894)

February 5, 1894
Liverpool v Northwich Victoria.
The first meeting between these clubs, who occupy rather unique positions in the League table, took place at Anfield, on Saturday, before nearly 4,000 spectators. Both teams were without some of their regular players, but Liverpool were the greatest sufferers in this respect. The teams were:

Liverpool: William McOwen, John McCartney, Duncan McLean, Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, Billy Hughes, Douglas Dick, Malcolm McVean, David Henderson, Harry Bradshaw, Jimmy Stott.
Northwich Victoria: George Hornby, William Postles, Tom Scanlan, T. Barlow, William Guest, T. Clarke, George Drinkwater, Patrick Finnerhan, C. Eyres, H. Gallimore, George Hatton.

Liverpool having won the choice of ends, Eyres kicked off against a strong wind, but at once McQue intervened, and gave to Henderson, who in turn put over to McVean, the latter spoiling the effort by sending high over the bar. Hughes met the kick-off, and returned into Hornby’s hands, who at once demonstrated his utility as a custodian.

Never allowing the opposing forwards any chance, the home half-backs completely confined the game in the “Vics” quarters, but brilliant goalkeeping on the part f Hornby, and steady defence by Scanlon, Postles, and Guest, kept the intruders at bay, although some good work by McQueen, Dick, and McVean was almost turned to account by Henderson.

Shortly afterwards one of the visitors’ defence palpably fouled the ball within the dreaded twelve yards’ limit, and McLean taking the kick safely piloted into the net.

Duncan McLean, penalty scorer.
Duncan McLean, Liverpool Football Club

Directly afterwards another foul took place in the Northwich goal mouth, and the little custodian brought about a marvellous save from Bradshaw.

Continuing the bombardment, McQueen raised a laugh by the crowd against himself by endeavouring to life the leather into Anfield Road, when a nice opening showed itself in the visitors’ well-packed goal.

Hutton and Gallimore once got past McCartney, but McLean returned, and corner succeeded corner; but at length Stott converted one, and just before half-time arrived the same player put the finishing touches to some capital work by Hughes and Dick, Liverpool thus leading by 3 goals.

Upon resuming, the home team held their opponents well in hand, McQue and Hughes repeatedly repelling rushes by Finnerhan, Eyres, and Drinkwater, and the play after some little time settled down in the immediate vicinity of Hornby, who was seldom allowed a rest. Shots assailed him from all directions, Dick, McVean, and Henderson each suffering hard luck, but eventually Henderson by a single-handed effort added a fourth point to Liverpool’s credit, who thus won a rather quiet and uninteresting game by 4 goals to nil.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: February 5, 1894)

Football League, Second Division, table.

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