In the defence of Everton Toffee-shop

Friday, February 27 – 1885
In the Chancery Division, on Friday, the case Bannister v. Woodward came on. It was interesting as disclosing the origin and history of Everton toffee. The plaintiff stated that she was the representative of the original inventor, being the granddaughter of Margaret Cooper, who lived at Everton, near Liverpool, and first made and sold the sweet-meat in the original toffee shop there in 1774. This lady by her will left the goodwill of the business to go to plaintiff’s aunt, Mary Cooper, on condition that she should bring up the plaintiff and her sisters to the business. On the death of Mary Cooper she left then the business, and it was carried on in the old house until 1884, when the house was demolished and rebuilt. A new label was thereupon used, and consisted of a picture of the old house, and this was registered as a trade mark, and the plaintiff, who had purchased her sisters’ interests, complained that the defendants, who were confectioners in Liverpool, had sold Everton toffee with labels resembling those used by the plaintiff, and applied for an injunction. Mr. Justice Chitty said the case was a clear and obvious one for granting injunction. The defendants would be restrained from using the label containing the picture of the old Everton Toffee-shop.
(Worcester Journal, 28-02-1885)


  1. Just to inform you that your history regarding Everton Toffee and the history of the Trade Mark is accurate; I am researching my family history and have recently received information from my cousin regarding a picture of the Everton Shop. An elderly aunt of mine, Agnes Bartholomew, now deceased, asked my cousin to repair the framing of the picture which had belonged to Clara Bartholomew (nee Norris) (1867-1964), my paternal grandmother. On the back of the picture she had handwritten:
    ” My great aunt, Mary Cooper lived there with her daughter Charlotte Glover. They brought up my mother, Ellen Mary Ann and her three sisters, Charlotte, Margaret and Clarina (they had a brother, Edmund). They were orphans. The business was left for them. My uncle Robert Bannister and Margaret bought the whole of the Brow and eventually sold it to the Liverpool Corporation ” Clara Norris Bartholomew
    The Old Everton Toffee Shop, Brow Side, Everton Liverpool CB My aunt Margaret (nee Cooper) Bannister had her trade mark registered as other shops were opening (Nobletts etc)”

    Margaret evidently bought her sisters out and Ellen and Henry Norris (my great grandparents) moved to London where they opened another Everton Toffee Shop that Ellen ran to finance their daughters’ education in France.

    I hope you find this of interest and feel free to reply.

    Best regards,

    Richard Bartholomew

  2. Hi Richard,

    I am so happy you found something from your family`s past on this website, and what a nice story you tell. I will keep an eye out for more articles connected to the ETS so please check back.


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