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About Ian Callaghan:

Born: April 10, 1942: Toxteth, Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.

Position: Outside right.

Height: 170 cm. (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 9lb.).

Liverpool School.
Liverpool: Signed apprenticeship: 1957.
Liverpool: Signed, March, 1960.
Fort Lauderdale Striker: Signed: 1978.
Swansea City: Signed: September, 1978.
* Canberra City: Loan, 1979.
Cork United: Signed: January 16, 1981.
Sandefjord, 1981.
Crewe Alexandra: Signed: October, 1981.
** retired, February, 1982.

Football League, Second Division, Winner: 1961/62 (Liverpool).
Football League, First Division, Winner: 1963/64 (Liverpool).
Football League, First Division, Winner: 1965/66 (Liverpool).
Football League, First Division, Winner: 1972/73 (Liverpool).
Football League, First Division, Winner: 1975/76 (Liverpool).
Football League, First Division, Winner: 1976/77 (Liverpool).
FA Cup, Winner: 1964/65 (Liverpool).
FA Cup, Winner: 1973/74 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Winner: 1966 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Winner: 1974 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Winner: 1976 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Shared: 1964 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Shared: 1965 (Liverpool).
FA Charity Shield, Shared: 1977 (Liverpool).
European Cup, Winner: 1976/77 (Liverpool).
European Cup, Winner: 1977/78 (Liverpool).
European Cup, UEFA Cup, Winner: 1972/73 (Liverpool).
European Cup, UEFA Cup, Winner: 1975/76 (Liverpool).
UEFA Super Cup, Winner: 1977 (Liverpool).
Wales FA Cup, Winner: 1980/81 (Swansea City).
Football League Select XI, 2 caps.
FWA Player of the Year: 1973/74.
International: England A, 4 caps.
International: England U23, 4 caps.



  1. Cork City was not yet formed in 1981. Callaghan played two league games for Cork United in January 1981. He then returned to the club for one league game in September 1981.
    (Cork United resigned from the League of Ireland in 1982, re-joining the Munster Senior League under their old name, Albert Rovers. Cork City was formed in 1984.)

    I hope this info is helpful.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the info. It is small things like that which is so easy to overlook and take for granted. Please let me know if you find more of the similar.



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