Liverpool and Burnley Cup Final Snapshots

Saturday, April 25 – 1914
Expressions of Watson and Pursell
FA Cup final 1914 I

Boyle, a happy man
FA Cup final 1914 II

Freeman is fouling Lacey, Boyle is looking on
FA Cup final 1914 III

Longworth, Nicholl, Taylor, Boyle, and Sewell is punching away.
FA Cup final 1914 IV

(Liverpool Echo, 27-04-1914)


    1. Hi Angela. Thanks for visiting the website, and I am happy you found something new here. I will keep an eye out for any info or pictures of Billy in other newspapers of that time.


    2. Hi Angela,

      I have found some information about your grand father in Manchester Courier for Friday, March 26, 1909. It says: “Yesterday (so on March 25, 1909) he was transferred from Southport Central to Burnley for the fee of £200. It also says he joined the Central from Blowich Wesleyans towards the end of the previous season, so probably around April 1908.”



  1. Hello there Kjell,

    Just come across this site again after 2 years!!!! Will now bookmark it! A very belated thank you for the information. This ties in with what I have found out. If you were to come across any more I would love to know and promise to look at the site before another 2 years go by!



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