John Scott transferred to Liverpool

August 28, 1920
It is unique that Liverpool should have had the services at one time or another of three brothers, all goalkeepers. Elisha Scott is still with them, and now a younger brother in John Scott has come along with big credentials.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: August 28, 1920)


    1. Hi Liz. This is also the first time I have seen his name. He is not on the squad list I have for that season, nor the next one. I will keep my eyes open though, and let you know if I find more info.


  1. A John Scott was amateur reg. 12/6-1920 by LFC. A John Scott played for Liverpool Res. against Oldham 5th April 1920. But as inside right!!! Jonny

  2. Still wondering though was he really Elisha\’s younger Brother ? 100 % wondering now is there any other newspaper reports mentioning him ? or if there is a photo of him too ? thanks

    1. Hi Liz,

      I will double check newspaper sources when I visit the library next. It was quite common that settled players manage to get family members trials with football clubs.

      We have seen this numerous times, Dunlop brothers, Raisbeck brothers, Wadsworth brothers, Goldie cousins and Henderson`s brothers/cousins.


      1. Thanks Kjell.. I always wonder why Elisha & Billy Scott don’t look like Brothers, although the pair have similiar features as my Scott relatives & Family.. Wonder who bought the Billy Scott ebay card ? 😉 LOL thanks for telling me about it 🙂

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