Liverpool fancy Tracey

Saturday, January 9 – 1926
Liverpool are casting eyes on Tracey, the left back of Yoker Athletic. He is a powerful young defender who has attracted much attention. Last season Liverpool picked up a clever inside right in the Yoker ranks in Patrick McDade, who is pleasing immensely at Anfield.
(Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle, 09-01-1926)


  1. I see on your site you have some information about my uncle Patrick McDade who came from Clydebank, and was signed from Yoker Arhletic in 1925.
    How do I get a copy of all the information, and are their any photographs of him from his time at Liverpool?
    Thank you for you help…
    John Dempsey

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for finding your way to my LFC history website, and I am glad you found some information about your relative. Feel free to use all the information you can find here.

      Coming across images is hard, but I will try to keep an eye out for you. If you live in the UK i would suggest visiting libraries and check out local papers for the clubs Patrick used to play for.



      1. Hi Kjell,
        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        Your site is great. Well don!
        As I continued to look on your site I came across a photograph of squad for the 26/27 season and he is there. Fantastic!
        What is the best quality you can get of these images?
        Thanks once again for your brilliant site..I let his son know about it…


      2. Hi John,

        Thank you for the kind words about the website. Football history is my passion, so check back every now and then. I add around a 100 transcribed articles a week. At this moment I am working on the 1910/11 season.

        I am no image expert. You will get a bigger picture resolution if you go here: and click on the picture.

        I see that Patrick played in the south west after leaving Liverpool. I will check out some local papers I have access to from that area.



  2. Patrick McDade Games/Goals for Liverpool:
    1925/26 Liverpool Senior Cup 1/0. Central League 29/4. Res.Friendlies 2/0. “A” team league 1/0.
    1926/27 Liverpool Senior Cup 1/0. Central League 25/1.

    Born: 22/11-1901 in Clydebank. Died: 9/3-1974 in Edinburgh.

    Yoker Athletic
    Liverpool (prof. reg. 15/5-1925 for £120)
    Exeter (prof. reg. 14/5-1927 for £50) 1927/28 Div. 3 South 2/0.
    Greenock Morton (transfer reg. 23/6-1928, free) 1928/29 Div.2. 24/2. FA cup 1/0.
    Yeovil & Petters (1929)
    Clapton Orient (1933-35)

    Jonny Stokkeland
    LFC Official Archives

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