Liverpool F.C. retain 30 players

May 24, 1926
Liverpool F.C. have re-engaged thirty players, viz: – Elisha Scott, Arthur Riley, James Trill, Tommy Lucas, Donald Mackinlay, Ephraim Longworth, George Edward Childs, Robert Done, John McNab, William Cockburn, Tom Bromilow, David Pratt, James Jackson, Patrick McDade, Albert Shears, Cyril Oxley, Dick Edmed, Gordon Hodgson, Tom Scott, Jimmy Walsh, Dick Forshaw, Fred Hopkin, David McMullan, Robert Bauchop Clark, Danny Shone, Frank Charters.

The most notable departure is Walter Wadsworth, who has joined Bristol City.
(Athletic News: May 24, 1926)


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  1. My father was Frank Charters. We have been hoping for an Internet reference but it seems this list has only recently been uploaded. Thanks for whoever did this. ‘Daddy’ later played for Tranmere and my uncle was Michael Charters, Liverpool Echo’s Sports Editor, who followed the Reds all over Europe.

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