Dudley Nourse for Anfield?

September 18, 1935
Dudley Nourse, the South African cricketer, who returns home with his colleagues on Friday, may come back to England to take up a career as a football and cricket professional. Liverpool F.C., who already have several South Africans on their books, would like Nourse, who is a centre half, to sign for them. Mr. George Patterson, the Liverpool secretary, told a reporter to-day: “We have extended an invitation to Nourse to play for us. He has promised to consider the matter when he reaches home.”

His cricket future in this country is rather indefinite. It has been reported that Surrey have invited him to qualify for them, but Mr. H. D. G. Leveson-Gower, president of Surrey County Cricket Club, to-day stated that he had no knowledge of such invitation.
Mr. A. F. Davey, secretary of the Surrey Club, made an emphatic denial of reported invitation to Nourse. In an interview to-day he said: “It is absolutely incorrect. It has never thought of, let alone discussed by us in any way. It was a great surprise to me when I heard of it to-day. I know nothing whatsoever about it nor does anyone else connected with the club.(Nottingham Evening Post: September 18, 1935)


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